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Our Team


We Build People

Our mission statement starts with Building People.  Since our founding, we have aimed to provide a better life for our people.  We strive to build our people spiritually, emotionally, professionally and financially. The desire to build strong people is not a short-sighted effort, but an aspiration that every Solomon employee will leave a legacy of service and leadership well in all their individual circles of influence, personally and professionally.


Our Leadership


Nancy Osman


Nancy is the CEO and Owner of Solomon Builders. In her tenure as our company's leader, she has doubled down on the mission, vision, and values founded by her late husband Ty. She leads the people of Solomon with a big heart and ensures we continue in our principles as we continue to grow Solomon Builders' 30+ year legacy. Nancy is an expert at building people and takes great pride in literally building Nashville. She is a mother of 3 and recently a grandmother.


Paul Jones


Paul serves as our President and works side by side with our Operations Manager, Steve Hannon.  Paul grew up in a small, family business and after graduating from the University of Tennessee, he landed in commercial construction.  Paul worked for a larger General Contractor for almost a decade and joined Solomon in 2016 as a Project Manager.  As part of the Leadership team established by Ty, Paul also helped build our Mission, Vision and Values that have been so critical to the successful transition of Solomon into its 2nd generation.  His passion is for the people of Solomon Builders and the trusted client relationships we have. Paul is a husband to Cameron and they have four children together.


Steve Hannon


Steve serves as our Operations Manager over both our New Construction and Interior Buildout teams.  Steve graduated from Purdue and worked for two larger General Contractors before arriving at Solomon.  Steve started with Solomon in 2005 and has been involved in the majority of our most prominent projects.  Steve is involved in projects from conception to closeout and he also oversees our Preconstruction efforts. Like Paul, Steve was central to the Leadership team established by Ty.  With 35 years of experience, Steve brings clear vision and direction to all the Operations of Solomon. Steve is married to Kellie and they have three grown children.


Jake Birkofer


Jake serves as our Executive Project Manager leading Solomon’s largest and most prominent New Construction Projects.  Jake grew up in Murfreesboro and graduated from MTSU.  After working for a larger General Contractor, Jake started with Solomon in 2017.  Ty also selected Jake as a core member of the 2nd generation of Leadership and rightfully so.  Jake is a prominent developer of people and has a proven track record of leading large, complicated projects, all while maintaining great relationships with clients. Jake is married to Laura and they have three very athletic children.

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