“It’s not about building
buildings, but rather
building relationships
and a better future
for my employees
and their families.”


Solomon Builders began when two friends and business associates, Ty Osman and Gregg Turner, combined their complementary skills in construction and real estate development to create a commercial construction company with a purpose greater than just construction.  Today, Nancy Osman continues pressing onward with the mission, vision and values left by Ty.  The day-to-day operations of Solomon Builders is still led by the same experienced and tenured management team who worked alongside Ty and Gregg.

Our Vision


Lead in the market with respect and competence

Mission Statement


To grow in a manner that customers appreciate, employees enjoy, and competitors respect by:


exceeding customer expectations

maintaining profitability

assuring excellence in construction

 employing and retaining the best people

Solomon Builders is Committed to


providing a superior process and product


exhibiting consistent moral and ethical strength


working together with an unselfish commitment to common goals


demonstrating respectful appreciation for our employees, for their families, and for those with whom we do business

The Team

At Solomon Builders, our team is our family. We want to be a dependable source for the men and women of Solomon and keep them encouraged, developed, challenged, and inspired.

We’ve been places.

To explain our culture and what’s important to us as a company and not mention some of our experiences would be like watching a television show without the sound. You get some of the picture, but not the whole story.

We’ve done projects like working on a home for a widow, or helping our friends at Both Hands, or buying and putting together bikes for underprivileged kids…but this year to celebrate our 25th year in business, we decided to go BIG and about 30 of us went to Honduras to build some houses, work on an orphanage, and visit with and love on some of the sweet folks there. It was an amazing experience for all of us. It expanded our world and opened our hearts and minds to how blessed we are.

We’ve met people.

We could never list all the amazing folks we’ve met over the years while doing some of these projects. People that have donated their time, energy and resources to help, and people that we’ve helped that are so grateful and kind to us. That old saying about receiving more from the experience than those you are helping, well it is absolutely the truth.