The Story

The story of Solomon builders is a testimony to the power of partnership.

The Foundation
Gregg Turner and Ty Osman

Gregg Turner and Ty Osman

Solomon Builders began when two friends and business associates, Ty Osman and Gregg Turner, combined their complementary skills in construction and real estate development to create a company that creates buildings with room for everything but excuses. The year was 1992, and with a $5,000 tenant build-out job on the horizon, they left comfortable jobs to make their dream real.

They had no portfolio, so they made a reputation from scratch by building structures of uncommon quality backed by uncompromising integrity. With each completed job came an open door to the next, and as more building owners and tenants came to trust the Solomon name with larger projects, partnerships were forged and more and more buildings rose in Middle Tennessee with room for everything but excuses.

Years of Building

When it came time to grow the business, Ty and Gregg both knew two things: First, they wouldn’t expand beyond the Middle Tennessee area — because neither man wanted to be away from his family for too long. And second, no amount of financial success would be worth compromising their fundamental values. They wanted to work with like-minded people toward a common vision. So slowly, carefully and deliberately, we added talented, committed professional to the family.

With more people and more projects came more opportunities — including an opportunity to change the industry by reaching out to master craftsmen in every trade and offering them full-time positions with benefits. At the time, most field personnel in construction were hourly workers migrating from job to job for a 25-cents-per-hour raise. Adding skilled workers to the payroll meant Solomon could self-perform many critical trades — bringing a high level of expertise to each job and enhancing our ability to deliver jobs on schedule. For the men and women themselves, it meant the difference between a job and a career. To their surprise and satisfaction, Ty and Gregg saw their peers take notice, and even follow suit.

Why did they do it? Well, if you want to build without excuses, you need the best on your team. It’s as simple as that. And if that meant giving a talented craftsman a retirement plan, health insurance, a vacation and the opportunity to do his best work, even better.

The Result

As it turns out, their hunches were right. The Middle Tennessee community needed a builder like Solomon. Ty and Gregg became active members in the community and organizations such as of BOMA, WCRE of Nashville, NAIOP, the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, ABC of TN and the AIA. Their participation put them in touch with more ideas, more resources, more people and more partners throughout the industry. And in turn, the community responded by naming Solomon Builders one of the area’s “Best Places to Work” and continues to support their mission 20 years later.

Solomon Builders, Inc.

Today, Ty, Gregg and the team find themselves at the conference table with more and more architects and owners during the conceptual and schematic phases of each project. Sharing insights. Offering practical and logistical advice. Creating value. Acting as partners.